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Are you an avid gym goer? Then you are certainly familiar with the feeling of exercising on a cold, hardwood gym floor. It's not very comfortable, isn't it? But things could be worse. Without an exercise mat, you might even slip on someone's else sweat (yikes!). To avoid this painful and humiliating experience, get yourself an exercise mat.

A good gym mat is a flat sheet of rubber or fabric used during exercise to provide a barrier between you and the floor. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the space where you are working out and also to provide you comfort while you make your 'moves.' More importantly, a mat can improve your traction and balance especially when you are doing pilates or yoga exercises. They are portable and can easily be folded or rolled up.

Different types of exercises require different kinds of mats. Here are some of them:

Travel mats are made from lightweight material for portability. They are perfect to bring in a fitness center.

Yoga mats are made for low-impact floor exercises. They are slightly longer and thicker than the regular travel mats. They are also sticky to prevent the user from slipping while doing the poses.

Pilates mats are similar to yoga mats, however this type is much thicker and has more padding.

Deluxe-type mats are made of higher quality materials than the others. They are also more durable, larger and thinner.

Choose an exercise mat that provides adequate cushioning and support against the floor. Look for mats that are well-padded, light, and breathable. To prevent sweat buildup and skin irritation, look for mats made out of highly absorbent but quick-drying materials. Yous should also take time to visit exercise equipment websites or sports shows to compare brands and prices.

Many women have not considered joining a fitness boot camp to improve their general health or to lose the extra flab. Few women have joined in the past only to understand the benefits of joining in a fitness camp. They are proven to lose weight faster and stay in shape better than their counterparts sweating it out in the gym. A camp instructor devises a plan for a regular and a consistent workout without being dependent on it unlike a regular gym. It pushes the lady into the habit of working out regularly and reduces the dependency on expensive machinery.
Many women have trouble losing weight in the traditional gym method either due to lack of commitment or motivation. A boot camp is a tested and proven way for a lady to lose weight and maintain the same for years to come. It is highly effective than the exercises done in a gym. It teaches how to workout completely in a short time like in less than an hour so it motivates the person to exercise regularly.
There are different camps for different levels of the participants. A boot camp classifies its participants based on their previous experience with exercise and puts them in one of the three categories – novice, intermediate and advanced. The difficulty of the fitness program increases with time so as to challenge and increase the capability of its participants.
Exercises taught in a boot camp are devised scientifically so they provide guaranteed results provided the camper practices the exercises on non-camp days. Joining a camp is the best and the fastest way to tone muscles and to lose the extra weight. A fitness camp runs on time-tested techniques of resistance and cardiovascular activities. It builds muscle by boosting the body’s metabolism and thus reduces fat and even prevents fat-buildup in the future years. As the participant gains interest and results, exercises get tougher to bring out the maximum talent in the person.
Women have the risk of getting a heart disease more than men do, so it is important for her to do certain exercises more than men do to prevent getting a heart-attack. A boot camp concentrates on cardio-vascular exercises so it is highly useful for a female. It gives enough exercises to boost the cardio-capacity and successfully prevents a heart-attack or a stroke. It is important to choose a program that specializes in cardio-vascular exercises.
Boot camps rarely use any kind of equipment or machinery. These programs effectively make use of body weight to reduce fat and tone muscles. Exercises which involve weight-training are scientifically proven to increase bone density in women. Women are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis than men due to certain hormonal differences in their body. By training effectively a woman can strengthen her muscles and bones and stay out of the risk line.
Busy professional women in an office or a stay at home lady both find it hard to devote any time to them especially in the area of fitness. An average workout in the gym use up more time and does not provide results quickly. But in a boot camp, the lady is brought in to a habit of working out and she is taught how to do a complete body workout in less than 45 minutes in a day. This saves lots of time and it is also more efficient than the traditional exercise style taught in a gym. A fitness program designed specially for women is the best choice for a lady who wants to lose extra flab and get into shape.

The Answer to Healthy Habits is the Impact Powerhouse Gym

Admittedly This Is A Long Post But If You'd Like To See How To Generate $5-$10,000 Or More In The Next 60-90 Days Then Your In For A Method That Will Do Exactly That If Followed Correctly.

What I'm about to show you is a simple cost effective way to do just that, providing that your staff are willing to use the phone which is ANY businesses most powerful tool (despite this it amazes me how many salespeople would rather have root canal than pick up the phone and make cash generating, lead producing cash register ka-chinging sales call, but that's for another day).

Okay Get ready, relax in a quite area and make sure your not disturbed get a glass of your favorite beverage here we go.

Your best way of generating new members is to work with the ones you already have, makes sense doesn't it? Your members have friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, etc why not involve your members who are already (hopefully) raving fans of your customer service in generating more business for you. It doesn't matter how much opposition you have applied correctly this idea will gain you more new members/clients in record time

Here is an example of what we did to make that happen:

We printed out all our current members database and the date of there last visit, we then devised a script that went along the lines of a "Courtesy call" to let them know that we were shutting for 3 days due to renovations for the exciting new exercise timetable we then went on to say that they were welcome to introduce a friend or family for a FREE month of membership to try out these classes with no obligation. However we also let them know that if their family member (living under the same roof ) joined we would give them a half price membership!

On a direct debit membership they could pay by the week for only $8-95 or pay in full for only $395 for 12 months saving $120 odd dollars over the direct debit method. You can tailor this offer to suit your services, it works and done correctly you should pick up some new members easily especially if you extend it to all family members living under the same roof (our conditions)

The other way is to extend several free months to ALL your current members in the form of passes this can be done in lots of different we use 'lead boxes" in the toilets with a nice explanation of why we are doing this and simply let the members take the passes away, make sure you have a set of conditions including a "use by" date on the back.

The way this works is when the prospective client presents the pass to reception (or rings to inquire) you simply get them to fill out your pre assessment questionnaire (you are getting all people that inquire to fill out one of these aren't you? It's imperative that you capture these details).

You then do the full "Dem" and tour, ascertain that they want to get and keep the results that they obtain during the free month and join them up!

Yes the condition of the free month is that weather they go onto a direct debit membership or if they pay in full and leave a deposit you get ALL their details and that includes bank accounts.

They then have a full 30 days to "Trial the Club" if they do not want to continue they simply bring back their copy of the agreements and that's it, no cancellation fee and they have had a free month worth whatever it is you charge for a month.

Now if it's a paid in full membership I simply ask the customer to leave a nominal deposit and provide their credit card or bank account details and let them know that if the do not cancel by the due date they then are a fully fledged member, if your staff have done the dem correctly with passion and empathy then getting these details will never be an issue.

For the minority of people that it is, then simply use your best judgment simply let them know that for what we are offering the small inconvenience of providing those details they are getting x amount (whatever you would normally charge for a free month plus the PT sessions) it is part of the agreement to provide all details and that nothing will be debited from their account until the due date.

I have only found about 5% of people balk at this so I endeavor to leave it on a gracious note and offer a free week with no paperwork(apart from the pre assessment questionnaire which they have already filled in) necessary.

Now we do a number of things to ensure maximum success we've learned this by trial and error firstly we give them what we call a focus pack which is 4 personal training sessions which comprise the below its half an hour each and is done of a couple of weeks, needless to say you pamper ALL these people with lots of TLC.

These sessions cost the gym a total of $30 which is what the PT instructors are paid for a total of 2 hours worth of work (with the idea being that the customer will go on to paid PT sessions a t the end)Since most of the people we see are in the de-conditioned" market it's naturally vital to make sure you give yourself every chance of keeping them at the end and making sure that your prospective new client knows what he or She is doing is part of that process.

The other thing that we do is make very clear that the customer needs to cancel in writing at the club we ask them to do this several days before the month expires.

We take the dates being from the day they join to the same day next month, we also make very clear on the direct debit and the membership form that it is a "One Month Trial" this allays any fears, for the most part that the customer has about giving bank or credit card details.

Which incidentally brings me to the point that if the customer wishes to pay in full and save the difference between a PIF (paid in full) and a DD (direct debit) the we do not fill out a debit form but rather simply write their CC details on the membership form and let them know that on the particular date that the free trial expires unless they have canceled their memberships then they will be debited.

Simple, said in a strong confident manner and having built report throughout the tour you should not have any problem at all with getting bank or CC details.

Lastly what we are doing this time that we have not previously done is this: we are not faxing the forms to the billing company straight away.

The reason for this is the our billing company would send them a welcome to club letter with their terms and conditions notifying them about the administration fee, which of course the customer was told about during the tour.

We believe that this made people nervous and gave the wrong impression so we've decided to wait until the last few days meaning that if they have not already cancelled then it will be at least a week until they would receive the welcome letter, by which time they well and truly be members.

Now some of you may think this slightly in the "grey" area of ethical marketing but think about this, they get a very real value of over $200 in terms of service and facility use, we actually do send out a welcome letter within a few days but this is from the sales (read membership) consultant.

We also clearly make it known both on the forms and verbally that there is "No Obligation" the onus is simply on the prospective client to cancel if they so wish. Yes you will naturally have people cancel, but overall followed correctly what you have read will get you lots of new members and can be adapted to a variety of scripts and offers.

Now go and have your BEST month ever!

This equipment that is set up in your own home means that you’re not using the equipments that others used that very same day. A number of of the other people at the fitness club or gyms might’ve come with flu or colds that they can pass onto the other members of the gym.
The impact powerhouse home gym could be easily set up so that all of the people who want to use it don’t have to waste some of their time getting to the fitness club and waiting for their turn to use the machines. The home gym is available at any time of the day unless some relative is involved so a loyal health aficionado would be able to make use of the equipment at noon or earlier in the day before some other health clubs open.
Impact powerhouse home gym is good for beginners and experts
These gyms are designed by bright engineers so experts would love them and beginners could learn from it. There are a lot of years of research by experts in physical fitness that is used by some designers to create an equipment that will get rid of injuries and give the proper movements and actions with the correct amount of weights. Somebody using this equipment with the supplementary directions must be able to become into their perfect shape without a trainer or knowledgeable about workouts.
The home gym gives an exercise for the entire body throughout the muscles. These amazing equipment work so that every individual can steadily increase home gym their levels of fitness. Nobody should hurt themselves with equipment for home gym, but every person must try to boost their stamina and strength with every exercise.
are basically designed so that every individual can perform all the needed motions without the assistance of the other person. The enthusiastic person can make use of the home gym equipment without a buddy or a personal trainer, but an assistance of a buddy or a trainer could be added if wanted to.

How to Meet Women at Yoga Classes

The Total Gym by Chuck Norris is a wonderful way to get in shape without leaving your home. It is great for people who want to gain more lean muscle or for those who are looking for a way to simply tone their body. Men and women both can benefit from using this all in one workout gym in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The machine is adjustable, comfortable and is incredibly easy to learn and use. Some home exercise centers are difficult to assemble and you are constantly rearranging cables and bars for different workouts. With this equipment you have an all in one center that is made to handle all of the different routines with minimum inconvenience.

If you are looking for a home gym that can be used by people of different ages the Total Gym is the one workout machine that you need. You can use it to deliver the different results each person hopes for or it can be useful as part of a general health and fitness program. This all in one fitness center can be easily shared by adults as well as older children in a supervised setting. Small children should not be allowed to use the gym and should never be on this machine unsupervised at any time. You will find that this equipment is durable, reliable and the routines can be quickly mastered. Beginners and those who work out constantly are both avid fans of the versatility and challenging workouts that the Total Gym provides.

This is a uniquely constructed home fitness center that can be stored almost anywhere in a home or an apartment. You can slide it into a closet or tuck it neatly under a bed. It is portable and the light weight design makes moving it possible by just one person. With this one piece of equipment you can work on all areas of the body, including your legs, arms, chest, abs, shoulders, and back. Just one quick workout will provide you with all of the challenge and benefits of the many pieces of individual gym equipment that you may normally use.

With the Total Gym in your home, you can even work on more than one muscle group at a time. For example, you can work on your biceps while you also work on your legs. It all depends on how you set the gym up and what muscles you select to target. The Total Gym does not just strengthen and tone your body, it also gives you a way to stretch and lengthen tired and cramped muscles. When you want the added benefit of a cardio workout, you just change from resistance and weight training in moments. There is no need to spend the money on gym membership fees when you can get a total workout every day in the privacy of your own home. No longer do you have to run to the gym at early morning hours, your private home gym is waiting for you whenever you wish.

Some of the best exercises to do on the Total Gym are the ones that involve the arms and legs. You can do full workouts or selectively target different areas of your body; the choice is up to you. With the purchase of this equipment comes detailed information and descriptions concerning workouts. These are easily understood and you can quickly learn them all by heart, it's almost like having a personal trainer with you. The Total Gym can be a fun way to exercise and it will provide you the results that you want.

Exercise, aerobics and yoga classes are one of the hotspots where you can meet a lot of women. Now you know where to meet them, how to meet women at yoga classes and how to pick them up is the question at hand. In today’s world, women are fitness freaks. They always want to keep a healthy body as well as a good figure. After all, everyone wants to be a “size zero” these days.
Now it may be very awkward for many men for joining yoga classes, but look at it in this way. If you’re really desperate to get a girl, this is the best place to do it and you can even stay fit in the process. Some men argue saying that they do not want to join yoga classes, as they do not want women to see them stretched out in weird positions.
Well if you want a girl, you should suck it up and just join one, or you could just sit at home and sulk. You can rest assure that most women going to these courses are definitely lady like and have a beautiful mind, body as well as soul. Another plus point is that, ladies want men who are health conscious, so you prove to them that you are by going to this class.
But then you need to pay attention and relax in class and when you are concentrating about women, everything gets mixed up and the actual purpose of yoga is lost. So this turns out to be a disadvantage. But if you are someone who is just joining the class because of the girls, then you might not have a problem.
Apart from yoga classes you can also try the gym. You find women who have well trained bodies out here. But going up and talking to them turns out to be a ruckus. So the easiest way is to meet women at yoga classes. Here they tend to be relaxed and calm and this is the time when their guard is down the most.

Full-Body Work Outs For Fitness and Fat Loss

Are you one of those persons who love the gym and are into body building? If yes, then you must be irritated with your sweaty hands during the exercises. This problem can be overcome if you start using gym chalk to get that perfect grip. To know more about this, you should read this article.

What is meant by Gym chalk?

Gym chalk is also known as Magnesium carbonate, which occurs as a white solid. This gym chalk occurs as a mineral in nature and is referred to as a gym chalk or climbing chalk because it is used in sports like gymnastics, power lifting, weightlifting, rock climbing and athletics. Here the Magnesium carbonate in this gym chalk actually absorbs sweat, thus acting as a drying agent for the hands. In this way, a person while holding any gym apparatus, will remain safe due to the strong grip and will prevent the slipping of the hands.

It is very important to differentiate this gym chalk from other such products. It is totally different from the chalk used on the blackboard, sidewalk chalk or the one used for baby powder. One needs to clarify that baby powder reduces the friction between the bar and hands which weaken the grip.

If you want to know more about the traditional uses of chalk, you can search the internet with keywords like rock climbing chalk. This will help you to find and search more about the different kinds of chalks and their application. Now days, there are many manufacturing companies which are providing fine quality gym chalks in the market. Mentioned below are some facts about chalk:

In agriculture, chalk is commonly used in raising the pH level in soils with high acidity. The most common forms are calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and calcium oxide (CaO).

* In grass tennis courts, powdered chalk was previously used to mark the boundary lines of the playing court.

* In sports like gymnastics, rock-climbing & weight-lifting etc, this chalk is now usually applied to the hands to remove perspiration.

* For marking measurement during sewing of clothes, the tailors use the hard form of chalk even today.

* Even our toothpaste also contains chalk to serve as a mild abrasive.

* One can use the fine chalk grains for polishing of metals,

* It is even used in chemistry laboratories, as it is a source of quick lime by thermal decomposition.

The chalk available in the market may be sometimes containing impurities. So it is better to get a quality product every time. However you can get chalk in various forms and sizes. They are:

* Chalk Balls - The chalk balls are very useful while lifting and exercising with weights. One can store it in a plastic bag or chalk sac which is commonly used in rock climbing. If you are going to use it, once put your hand in the bag; rub it gently for perfectly coating your hands.

* Chalk Powder- Chalk powder is one of the most commonly used forms. However the powder is exclusively used in gyms but it creates a mess as the apparatus gets dirty.

* Liquid Chalk - This chalk is available in the form of lotion and spray. This is one of the best and commercially used gym chalks. All you have do is to put a few drops on the palm, rub it gently and apply on the surface where required.

If you have not used a gym chalk yet, then you must use it once and see the difference it makes in the gym. Currently, the chalk available in the market is skin friendly as it makes the palms more resilient, non tacky and even contains essential oils to soothe your skin.

Often times, people think think that in order to build a strong, muscular body that they will need to spend hours and hours in the gym. They seem to think that the only way it can be possible for someone to build a lot of muscle is to spend every spare moment working out. But the truth is, they couldn’t be more wrong.
While you will need to work hard and put in some serious effort, that does not mean you will have to live in the gym. One way to achieve this balance is by utilizing full-body workouts. A full-body work out can save you a lot of time and are very convenient. They are also a good option to try if you need to change up your work out plan to keep from getting stale and hitting a plateau.
To get the best results from your full body workout and stimulate muscle growth, you will need to use heavy weights. You also need to ensure that you allow for plenty of time for recovery in between your workouts so your muscles will have time to repair themselves and grow. This will help to prevent over training too which can lead to burnout or injury.
Like I mentioned before, a full-body work out can save a lot of time. But this isn’t just true for the time you spend in the gym, it will also help to reduce the frequency that you need to go to the gym. On a full body workout you should strive to go to the gym two or three times per week.
Speaking of the time you spend in the gym – even though you are training your whole body you still do not need to spend two hours in the gym. Your whole workout can be completed in about an hour, which comes out to around two or three hours per week working out. you can achieve this by focusing on the quality of your workouts and exercises, and not the quantity of them. More is not always better.
Another benefit to a full body workout is that it will help to increase your cardio capacity. Since you should be doing 2-4 sets per body part, this work out will have you hustling through it to complete it which will really get your heart pumping and have you breathing heavy.
Now that you have a general idea of what to expect from your full-body workout, here are four tips you should follow:
1) As mentioned earlier, you will train no more than two or three days per week. If you really want to get some added benefits, or if you are looking to increase your fat loss, you can add in some aerobic or cardio workouts on your off days. Since you will have plenty of them, picking a couple for aerobics should be easy.
2) Perform one exercise per body part or muscle group. Make sure you stick to the basic compound movements like bench press, bent-over barbell rows, pull ups, squats, etc. These types of exercises will ensure you do not need additional isolation exercises.
3) Make sure you use heavy weights, heavy enough that you can only to 6-8 reps. Since you don’t need to worry about multiple exercises per body part, you can concentrate on lifting heavy which will help to stimulate muscle growth better than lighter weights.
4) Remember that full body work outs should be kept short. A benefit of this is your increased cardio capacity as well as increased testosterone levels. Your testosterone levels start to decrease the longer you work out and you want to make sure they stay elevated for the longest period of time.
Hopefully this information will help you determine if full-body workouts can help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Gallbladder Flush – Learn How to Flush Gallstones and Your Gallbladder at Home With 5 Tips

What's the best place for you to get a workout? That really depends on the individual person who's working out. Some people thrive in the crowded environment of a commercial gym, while some can't properly perform their workout if they think someone may be looking at them. The best way to answer this question is to determine which type of gym you'll actually use on a regular basis - because the one you'll use is going to yield the most results for you personally.

That being said, here are some of the basic differences and advantages that each type of workout environment has over the other.


If you join a commercial gym, you are at the mercy of the equipment that they have on site. Though this isn't a problem for most people, as many commercial gyms are loaded to the gills with all of the latest workout machines and gadgets, if there is one piece of equipment that you feel you get the best possible benefits from there is nothing stopping you from putting it in your home gym.

You can situate your home gym in absolutely any fashion that you want - the only real limits are the amount of space you have available in your house and how much money you are willing and capable of investing in your home gym. In my opinion this is a huge advantage for home gyms over commercial gyms.

Time and Travel

Your home gym never closes; it's open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year. If you want to workout, for some reason, at two in the morning on Christmas Eve, your home gym will be ready and waiting. You home gym also requires zero travel - no going out in the cold, no fighting traffic - you can just workout as soon as you get your gym clothes on.


If you are the type of person who doesn't like performing the same type of workout for too long a duration, then a home gym atmosphere may be too limiting for you. Few people have the kind of money it would take to have the sheer variety of options that are available in a commercial gym. Some commercial gyms have a dozen varieties of treadmills and a dozen varieties of exercise bikes, not to mention elliptical machines, spinners, an Olympic size swimming pool and a whole host of classes to get meet your cardio needs. Even if you work on your home gym for a number of years, it's unlikely that you'll ever get to the point of variety that you'll get at a commercial gym.


In your home gym, you're on your own - this is fine if you've got a good base knowledge of exercises and movements, but someone with no experience may need a little guidance. Many gym memberships come with a complimentary session with one of the staff personal trainers - if you feel you benefit from this service you can continue using a personal trainer for a fee. This is an added expense but some people need the education and motivation from a trainer to be able to get results.

As you can clearly see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both home gyms and commercial gyms. The whole point of going to any gym, whether it's at your house or not - is to get a good workout and to get yourself in better health. In order to get the results that you desire from any workout program - you actually need to do the workout. If you are lost and need instruction - a commercial gym membership may be the best investment; if you can't stand crowds, bright lights and waiting for machines than you'd probably be more comfortable in a home gym atmosphere. What it all boils down to is personal preference - the best gym for you is the one you are going to use, plain and simple.

Thousands of people each year will try a simple gallbladder flush. And thousands of gallstone sufferers will naturally pass their gallstones with this simple flush. However, millions of people will naively get their gallbladder removed.
What is the best choice? What are your options?
If you are suffering from gallstones, this article may save you thousands of dollars and you may be able to keep your gallbladder.
A recent research study shows that people who remove their gallbladder are much more likely to be diagnosed with bowel and colon cancer.
There are many natural health doctors who believe that gallbladder surgery also called a cholecystectomy will be an out-dated medical procedure in the next 10 years.
Therefore if you are questioning surgery, you may wish to naturally flush your gallbladder. And because the gallbladder is an organ, you can naturally flush with your diet, simple remedies, vitamins, what you drink and different healthy lifestyle tips.
Here are some suggestions you may wish to write down.
The first suggestion would be to drink as much water as possible. There are hundreds of reasons you should drink plenty of water but most people fail to do this. By drinking plenty of water, your body is able to run more efficiently. It is also able to flush unneeded toxins, cholesterol, and sometimes gallstones. The best rule of thumb is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. A 200 pound person should drink 100 ounces of water per day.
You should also increase the fiber in your diet. Look on labels to find dietary fiber. This is extremely important because dietary fiber will also help flush cholesterol and gallstones. Make sure you are getting at least 10 grams of dietary fiber for every 1000 calories you consume.
You should also be watching the fat and cholesterol labels. Because gallstones are primarily composed of cholesterol, you should make sure to reduce fattening foods like fast foods, fried foods, and red meats. A food list to avoid would be eggs, pork, onions, fowl, milk, corn, beans and nuts.
You may wish to also consider a liver cleanse because studies are showing how the liver and gallbladder work hand in hand. A quality liver cleanse will flush the liver of toxins, alcohol, chemicals, fats and even chemicals. While the liver is working at 100%, the gallbladder will usually flush itself. A great liver cleanse can be found at this
Finally you should also learn what foods are high in chlorophyll. Because chlorophyll has a natural flushing tendency on the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. It may also be a perfect remedy for gallstones. We recommend supplementing 3 vegetables to your diet which are extremely high in chlorophyll: wheatgrass, spinach and parsley.

Auto Medical Alert Systems

Aqua aerobics, or water aerobics is one of the most effective method of exercising. It consists of exercises that are done standing in chest deep water, usually in a swimming pool. An instructor is also usually a present who demonstrates the various exercises of arms, legs and core body. The exercises are tuned to rhytemathic music, and weights may also be used for increased resistance. In a work out of about one hour, approximately six hundred calories are burnt.

Aqua Aerobics like other forms of work out exercises help in weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, and controlling stress. Doing Aqua Aerobics also have however extra benefits that conventional workouts cannot provide. Due to our buoyancy in water, ninety percent of our body weight is supported. This means that there is lesser strain on joints and ligaments, and so doing it is much more enjoyable and safe for people who cannot use conventional methods for any reason. Also, it is a more gradual way of building aerobic stamina and strength for people who have recently started resistance training.

Water Aerobics are very suitable for obese people. Swimming pool exercises are much more enjoyable, and so people do not get discouraged as they do while trying out regular gym exercises. Also, there is a lesser chance of injury as the strain on joints and ligaments is significantly reduced. This can help many people keep their motivation while carrying out fitness program.

The exercises are also very effective for such people who recently underwent any surgery or are recovering from an injury. This is because exercising in water has reduces the intensity of shocks and provide a cushioning effect against impacts. Jogging, which cannot be done during a leg injury, can be done safely in water as the heavy impacts can be avoided. This technique can be used to safely exercise any injured part, thereby hastening recovery.

Pregnant women find conventional exercises particularly difficult. However, they can safely do overall exercise workouts in water, with reduced risk of any injury or impact to the baby. Pregnant women can therefore exercise safely without any fear of damage. As they exercise more, they lead a better pregnancy period, which is beneficial for them and the babies.

Senior citizens would particularly find aqua aerobics ideal to suit their physical and social needs. Many members of this group have age-related conditions like fragile bones. More over, since many have not been doing exercise most of their lives, the extra stress can adversely hit the tissues that may not cope up. Swimming pools can also act as social meeting points where friends and family members can spend time and exercise together.

Summing up, it can be said that aerobics in water are safer and more enjoyable than conventional exercises. Not just that you can improve your shape, swimming pool exercise can help you in speeding recovery from injuries and in controlling stress. So gear up, you don't need much of equipment. All you have to do is dive!

Auto medical alert systems are emergency response systems designed to overcome any life threatening situation. It is a small and non-intrusive device providing independence, security and fast response to people with limited mobility, senior citizens, and those with disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, diabetes, emphysema, epilepsy, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and those recovering from major surgeries.
Like any other electronic medical alert systems, an auto medical alert system has a wireless alert button, a medical alert console, and sensing element. The main feature of an auto medical alert system is an associated 24-hour staffed alert monitoring center, which provides reliable medical help to its subscribers. The alert button is very small, weighs just about an ounce, and can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. Its water-resistant nature enables it to be worn in the bath or shower. The console is small enough to be conveniently mounted on a wall or fitted on a table. It receives signals from up to 1000 feet distance. The console is connected to a telephone line and plugged into an electrical outlet. The console automatically calls for monitoring service when it receives an alert signal from the button. Then it establishes a two-way hands free communication between the patient and the monitoring personnel, until help arrives. The monitoring center acts according to need. The main plus is that there is no any installation or programming option required to use the auto medical alert system.
The fall detection sensor is also a part of some auto medical alert systems and is worn in a special belt. The sensor automatically summons emergency assistance in case the wearer suffers a fall. Remote call answering, monthly test call reminders, power back-up facility, and automatic voice-to-voice communication features make it a perfect choice for patients. A number of important telephone numbers can be fed into the auto medical alert systems.

Whip Yourself into Shape with Boxing Fitness

If you're ready to start losing weight and to get in better shape, you may be in the market for some home gym equipment. The idea of having your own equipment where you can use it at your own convenience and without having to worry about a long line or about people in the gym judging you for how out of shape you are can be very appealing, and many have found that the right gym equipment can really get them back into a good routine of physical fitness. But before you grab the credit cards and run down to the local sporting goods store, you should give some consideration to the following pointers in order to get the most out of your home gym.

For one thing, it pays to be honest about how good of shape you are in right now and if you have any physical limitations. If you're very overweight then some advanced equipment such as an elliptical machine or stair stepper might be a little ambitious. A better piece of home gym equipment to start with might be a treadmill or recumbent bike. These machines are a bit less challenging and usually easier for those just starting out. Getting overwhelmed with home gym equipment that's too difficult for you to use or that's too advanced for your current level of fitness is just going to get you discouraged and keep you from using it altogether.

You should also ask yourself where you're going to store your home gym equipment. If you're thinking of adding pieces to the bedroom, how much room do you realistically have? If you keep it in the garage, will that make it inaccessible? Will it be too cold during some months or to hot during other months so that you decide not to use it? If you can, it's always recommended that you clean out a specific area of the living space for your home gym equipment. If you don't need to drag it out or fight your way around some things then it can be much easier to use and you'll be more likely to stick with your routine.

If you are unsure if you will really stick with a home exercise routing perhaps purchasing some used exercise equipment would be a good first step. After you have developed a good routing that has lasted for several months then you may want to invest in some of the newer and better equipment. There are many good buys available from people that had great expectations, but they were unable to stick with it for one reason or another.

Be sure to add some resistance pieces to your set of home gym equipment. By lifting weights and adding muscle tone you will burn calories more efficiently and will lose weight faster as well. This doesn't mean straining yourself or overdoing it. Just lifting a little bit of weight on a regular basis can yield great benefits, so even some hand weights can be part of your home gym equipment and can be easily stored in any closet or under the bed.

Of course your home gym equipment won't do any good if you don't use it. Make it part of your regular schedule and stick to it, and you'll get results in no time.

Everyone seems to be concerned with their health these days. And with good reason, since the advent of processed foods and the degree of pollution in our cities, people’s health can really be in danger. To help combat these problems, health improvement facilities like gyms and spas have popped up on every street. But since traditional exercises are not really enjoyable many people prefer activities that allow them to have fun while keeping fit.
Hiking, ballroom dancing, rock climbing, and biking are just a few examples of recreational activities that can also be enjoyable. Sports, weight training, and martial arts have also become popular ways of trimming down. One type of martial art type of exercise program which you might want to try is boxing fitness.
You might think of boxing as a violent sport. Professional boxing as seen in television is a dangerous sport reserved for athletes who train extensively to get in shape for their bouts. But unknown to most it can also be a satisfying and effective form of workout.
Boxing fitness involves hours of diligent training, cardio workout out and can even teach you additional self-defense. Boxing fitness improves your, flexibility, agility, stamina and coordination. You don’t necessarily have to go as far as fighting in the ring but a little sparring mixed in your routine can make for a fantastic workout.
Besides being a lot of fun boxing fitness also improves your self-defense skills. One look at professional boxers shows you that training allows you withstand punishment and give back as much as well. Today’s world can be quite dangerous and learning a practical martial art like boxing can really be useful. While you might not turn into the next Mike Tyson you can be good enough to keep your self safe on the street.
If you want to try it you can try local gyms to see if they have a boxing fitness program. If none are available you can hop online and do a search for “boxing fitness” to find a program and gym that are convenient for you. Put on those boxing gloves now and punch your way into an exciting way to be healthy.

5 Fitness Tips to Lose Weight For The Wedding

Gout is considered to be one of the most widespread forms of arthritis or commonly referred to as swelling of joints. Gout begins with an acute attack that often arrives overnight and within 12-24 hours, swelling & severe pain occurs in the joints. This is one of the most painful, stiff diseases. The main cause of gout is deposits of spike like crystals of uric acid in connective tissue, in the joint space connecting two bones. Arthritis accounts for more than 100 diverse, stiff diseases, of which, gout comprises of approximately 5% of all different diseases of arthritis.

The percentage of gout among people is less and account for 840 people out of 100,000. Gout is commonly found in adults of age group 40-50 as compared to women. This disease progresses through 4 stages namely, asymptomatic hyperuricemia (no symptoms occur), acute gout (also termed as acute gouty arthritis), Interval (also termed as intercritical gout) and chronic tophaceous gout.

Gout Remedies:


Gout is considered to be one of the most widespread forms of arthritis or commonly referred to as swelling of joints. Gout remedies include use of Alfalfa, Bilberry, castor oil packs, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Fitting into your wedding gown looking amazing and FEELING amazing is so important…I know…I’ve been there…
So, since I have been there and I have helped HUNDREDS of BRIDES get there…I want to help you. To get you started, I am going to give you 5 tips that are going to help you lose weight for wedding.
Wedding Fitness Plan: 5 Tips to Lose Weight for your Wedding
1. Wedding Fitness Tip #1: Weight-training: Perform 3 full body weight training workouts per week.
o Include one exercise per body part and perform it in a circuit fashion.
o Make sure your weight-training programs change every 3-4 weeks, if not,
o You will not continue to lose weight…you will PLATEAU.
2. Wedding Fitness Tip #2: Cardio: Perform 4-5 days of cardio training per week.
o Do interval training: example: Treadmill: 30 seconds at 3.5mph & 10% incline followed by 30 seconds at 6.0mph & 1.0% incline. Perform these intervals for the duration of the cardio workout.
o Perform 20 minutes of cardio on Weight days and 30 minutes on Cardio days, to start.
3. Wedding Fitness Tip #3: Sleep: Make sure you are sleeping at least 7-8 hours per night.
o It is close to impossible to see results and build muscle without the proper amount of sleep. In order to build lean and toned muscles, the body must have ample time to recover and recuperate.
4. Wedding Fitness Tip #4: Wedding diet: Eat a lean protein, a starchy carbohydrate, and a fibrous vegetable in small portions every 3-4 hours.
o If you need to lose weight and you don’t have too much time, cut out the carbohydrates out of your meals for 2 days consecutive, then eat normal for one day and then again cut out carbohydrates for another 2 days. Continue this 2:1 plan by alternating 2 non-carbohydrate days with 1 normal day for the duration of a few weeks. But no longer than 4 weeks.
If you need diet recipes to help you on your wedding diet. You must check out “Eat to be Fit”. This healthy recipe book has over 300 healthy recipes that will help you get lean while enjoying every meal.
5. Wedding Fitness Tip #5: Water: if you are not properly hydrated, it is hard to absorb all of your meals.
A good rule of thumb is, drink half of your weight in lbs, in ounces. For
Example: if you weigh 100lbs, you would drink 50ounces of water.
This is a great way to get started, but you need a very specific and easy to follow wedding exercise program so that you can lose weight for wedding. You also need a wedding diet plan that is easy to follow and not hard! You need weight-training programs that are effective and quick!!! You need weight-training workouts and cardio workouts that will get you lean and toned in no time. If this is what you want…..then what you need is “Vow to be Fit”. It is easy to follow and you can do it from the convenience of your own home.

Achieving Your Perfect Body Fitness Level in Five Simple Steps

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can take over every aspect of your life. In addition to the damage that it does to your relationships and at times, your career, PTSD can rob you of your happiness, sense of humor, and creativity. It can steal your zest for life.

Many people who suffer this disorder report that they no longer recognize themselves. They see their reflection in the mirror and of course, they recognize their reflection, but who they are and what they see are two different images. Some people lose their ability to laugh and make jokes. It is as if their sense of humor has completely died and they are rarely able to deliver a single humorous line. Other people lose the ability to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. Complex problem solving and complex tasks can be more difficult for someone who has PTSD. Some are so severely affected by fear and disorientation that a simple trip to the grocery store is too much for them to handle, especially alone. They start to hyperventilate and then go into panic mode in the cereal aisle. Some can become so overwhelmed that they have to leave the store.

Some people become angry and that anger is with them 24 hours a day. They feel full of rage and out of control at times- not knowing what will set them off next, but knowing that they can't always control their reactions. Some people cry and cry until they pass out or exhaust themselves into staring at the wall. Either way, some cry until they are emotionally drained on a daily basis. These are all extreme reactions to the symptoms of this disorder, but they are also very common reactions. Most people who have PTSD have experienced most or all of these symptoms on some level.

PTSD will change every aspect of your personality. Suffering from post traumatic stress doesn't mean that something scary happened and now the person merely feels jittery and unsure. Biologically, the brain is working very hard to process experiences that it can barely comprehend; let alone categorize. Because of the severity of that event, the brain is physiologically altered. Some areas of the brain that are responsible for memory and emotion become severely damaged. Complex neurological pathways are distorted. The body either repairs them or forms new pathways and this can lead to changes in temperament, personality traits, preferences, and perspectives.

This is why nearly everyone who has PTSD and their friends and families say that they are no longer the same person. They are correct. They don't feel the same. They don't think the same. They are not the same person and may never be that person again. They have to rediscover who they are, which can be a long process.

does not mean that you return to your former mental self unchanged and unscathed. A big part of healing means that you discover and develop new traits, talents, interests, and perspectives. This can be very tough to accept without having gone through a proper grieving process first. Once you accept that your personality and the way that you relate to the world are now coming from a different perspective, your brain will initiate the rest of the healing process.

If you take a positive view of this concept, you may find that you enjoy getting to know yourself again. It is a progression that takes time, observation, and patience. Think of it as a mental journey to rediscover who you are and how you roll. Along the way, you could find that your sense of humor has merely been hiding and your creativity and zest are not all that far away.

Most people start an exercise program because they want to look and feel better and this is great motivation. Unfortunately, people usually want immediate results and that doesn’t always happen, causing many to give up. This makes it important to ensure your workout program will help you reach your goals quickly so you’ll stay motivated and on track. The following five steps for using elliptical machines and other equipment will help you reach your fitness goals.
Working out on treadmills, ellipticals, and other cardio equipment is an ideal way to burn fat. Many people wrongly believe they have to work out 24/7 to reach their fitness goals fast. By taking this approach, people usually end up with sore muscles and a loss of momentum.
To reach your goals fast, use elliptical machines, alternating between medium intensity and high intensity. For example, begin with a five to ten minute warm up. Then, alternate a routine of high intensity for five minutes with a one minute medium intensity break. Consider extending the period of high intensity until reaching a solid twenty minute period with a medium intensity break.
Most people stretch before and after their workout on elliptical machines, treadmills, and other cardio equipment. While this is a great practice, to increase your level of physical fitness, consider stretching several times during your day. Your flexibility will improve, you will enjoy better range of motion in your muscles and joints, and you will find it easier to stay balanced through the day. Stretching also works to keep you active through the day because your muscles will not stiffen up as they might if you only stretch before and after an ellipticals workout.
Your body will usually reach a plateau at some point, regardless of what your routine includes. This simply means your body has become used to the movements you perform and the amount of resistance behind them. To make sure your body continues to improve in its fitness level, increase the level of resistance so you are constantly challenged. For ellipticals, this means increasing the level of intensity. For treadmills, it means you should add a steeper incline.
Using a treadmill adds fun and variety to a routine, but to achieve optimum physical fitness, you should make sure you have a well rounded routine. Perform cardio training at least three times a week, but make sure you don’t overlook endurance, flexibility, and strength training. The more muscle, the most calories you burn, even when you’re not working out, so it’s important to add muscle, especially when you want to improve your fitness and lose weight.
Don’t do cardio workouts five days per week all on elliptical machines – trade out a few days to play tennis, run on the treadmill, or go hiking in a wilderness area. By mixing up your routine, you will keep it interesting, thus making it easy to stay motivated. On a rainy day when you can’t get out, use your
in reverse so you work different muscles.
To achieve your ideal fitness, make sure your routine provides you with many different ways to exercise. Even if you stick with elliptical machines and treadmills, you can still add a little variety to your routine. The most important thing is that you enjoy working out and accept the challenge of achieving your physical goals.

The Art of Flirting at the Gym

Women's health and fitness issues have become a major part of our mindset. Many of the programs that are designed to promote women's health and fitness are structured at gyms and other fitness clubs.

Some of the fitness workouts utilize yoga and other stretching techniques, and these workout classes are able to afford women of all ages the opportunity to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Women have become much more aware of their bodies and have engaged in more physically activity. There are exercise classes that are specifically designed for women at many community centers and gyms. Most of these classes offer programs that increase flexibility and strengthen cardiovascular function. Some of the more popular programs include Pilates, yoga, spinning, stepping, and dance.

There are also health and fitness classes for women that incorporate elements of body building and weight lifting. Women have been involved in some of these types of exercises in the past, but these classes are now gaining more participants on a weekly basis.

One of the reasons that women may have been reluctant to participate in classes such as weight training is that they may be concerned about developing muscles. Many women may be worried that they will start developing large biceps and leg muscles. But this is not the case.

Although there are many professional female bodybuilders who do indeed have extremely pronounced muscles, they workout specifically for the world bodybuilding championships.

Women's weight training will help tone the body and offer more definition to muscles without increasing and adding large bulk.

If you wish to learn how to incorporate some good bodybuilding and weight training methods into your fitness routine, check out the local gym in your area and find a professional instructor. He or she can teach you how to use the equipment properly, and develop safe and appropriate techniques to help you realize your fitness goals.

You’re at the end of your third set on the chest press machine, and as you push out that last rep, you notice that the guy across the room with the nicely cut abs and biceps is looking at you in the mirror while he does his bicep curls. He’s hot, for sure, but is he flirting or just another narcissistic muscle head showing off? You move to the next machine and glance over at bicep guy. Yep. he’s definitely checking you out, and he’s the type you go for. Your next move is…
Well, what would you do? Let’s face it, the gym is a hotbed of flirtation and sexual/dating possibilities. Depending on which you’re after, the way you initiate or respond to a flirt at the gym can either make it happen, or make it just go away. Put your best game forward, and step up. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. You want to get it right, if you’re going to get it….
So, let’s break down the basics. Cover these bases and you’ll be off to a good start!
Looking nice just means taking a bit of care with your gym attire. Wearing your old ratty T shirt with the holes in it and those stretched out sweatpants that you love is not going to cut it. Step it up and invest in a few, simple yet stylish pieces that have you looking neat, clean and attractive. Nobody wants to be approached by the sweaty, dirty looking guy at the gym.
By the same token, dress appealingly, but don’t overdo it. You never want to look like you’re trying too hard. Ladies, keep it sexy without looking like you just climbed down off a stripper pole, or are on your way to a hot party. Leave a little something to the imagination. The best flirt artists know that as rule #1!
And as for smelling, nice, it’s not that impossible. Just be sure to freshen up a bit if you get a little too sweaty. Carrying or keeping a bottle of lightly scented body spray is a good idea. You can spritz some on mid workout when you go to the bathroom. It will help you feel more confident to know you’re not smelly if you want to try to talk to someone.
Some of us, when we’re working out get this fierce, warrior, gym face on that could scare away even the wildest animal! Soften it up a bit and smile a little! A smile opens the door and gets people to let their guard down. Now you don’t look so scary to try to talk to! Your warrior’s mask could be keeping you from getting some quality flirt time from someone who thinks you’re a hottie, but they’re scared to even look your way, you’re so fierce when your game face is on.
If you see someone that elevates heart rate, stay relaxed. Pick the right moment, position yourself, and initiate some small talk. Be casual, friendly, and don’t drop lines…just be natural. Not sure what to say? Then just ask a simple question.. Something like “how long have you been working out?” is a great conversation starter at the gym. Or “How do you like that machine/exercise? Is it really working for you?”. And you can always ask someone to show you how to use a machine or how to do an exercise you see them doing. Ladies, that one is a no brainer for you. Guys love to be helpful, and guys, that same trick can work for you too. After all, you’re both there for the same purpose; getting fit. There’s no more normal a conversation you can have in this environment. There are a million and one seemingly innocent questions you can ask someone at the gym. This one’s easy. Jump on it!
Be friendly without being annoying. If you’ve started a conversation with someone, and they’re not really responding, abort mission. A flirt is never fun if it’s not being reciprocated. Cut your losses and move on. But when you do have one on the line, and they’re into it, be sure to keep your banter light and friendly without going too in depth about the details of your personal life. The best flirters are great at showing interest in the other person, instead of going on and on about themselves. There’s a subtle art to that. Learn it!
And what better place to do it? Here, in this environment where people are actively doing their best to improve their appearance, everyone wants to know that their hard work is paying off. I find that complimenting a guy on one of his best body parts kicks the door wide open for me. “Wow! You’ve got some nice triceps!” or “Whooo. Nice abs! You must work your abs a lot!”. I have said that to many a guy..and it’s worked. Might sound a bit cheesy, but you know what? I also mean those things when I say them. Like, I wouldn’t say it to a guy that didn’t fit the description! And even the toughest looking guy (or girl) appreciates a good compliment every now and then.
Look at what your person of interest has going for them, and compliment them on it. Now, to be honest, I usually use this as a “hit and run” approach. I compliment, smile, and then just walk away. I don’t linger, trying to open a conversation, unless it just happens naturally. But that little compliment gives me an opening that I can use now any time I see this person at the gym. The next time, I smile, they smile and we exchange hellos. From that point, anything is possible. I no longer have to think on how to get this person’s attention…been there, done that. You don’t always have to get it all in one sitting. Sometimes you gotta just lay the track. Then eventually, you can get that train to run and stop right at your station!
Now, before you turn it on, look for signs that they’re single. And if you can’t tell, you can find ways to find out during a conversation. Like, “does your wife/husband work out here too?” That’s a great question, because it not only gets you some pertinent information, but it also let’s the person know (if they just happen to be a little clueless) that you’re kind of interested. Two birds with one stone!
You don’t want to waste your good flirting skills on someone you can’t even have in the first place!
Check for wedding rings, and ring marks on the wedding ring finger (some people take their rings off to work out). You don’t want to make an ass of yourself trying to horn in on someone else’s territory.
In a nutshell, you have to be willing to just throw caution to the wind and go for it. You have to figure out what works for you, what you can pull off given your personality type, and just work it! If coy flirtation is more your speed, be coy. Have a sparkling personality? Get close to that person, find your opening, and sparkle on! The gym is the perfect flirting environment because you have time to assess your target, and make your approach, and unlike a quick sighting of some hottie on the train, bus or sidewalk, not only do you have more time, but you’re already starting out on common ground. Use that to your advantage!
With a little practice and a whole lotta confidence, you’ll be able to flirt at the gym with ease in no time. So, come on, let’s do it! Flex, smile, and go get ’em, tiger!