Physical Fitness For Kids

A common notion is that physical fitness is something that concerns only adults. When years of job-related stress, of physical inactivity, and of careless and unhealthy diet have finally resulted into cardiovascular problems and obesity, that is when one should go on a fitness program. This has virtually relegated physical fitness to an activity that benefits only the mature age groups. A longer look at the conditions of kids today, however, will certainly change that.

Studies have shown how kids have become prone to obesity and even coronary diseases at such early ages. One culprit is the technological advance that has crept into the arena of children’s games. Kids have become hooked to TV and computer games, online or not. They are not just increasing in number; they are also getting younger. As a consequence, they no longer see the need to go outdoors and play. For them, maximum enjoyment can only be realized by playing the latest version of a computer game for hours, taking short breaks only to munch on junk food.

The TV culture that has seized the attention of many kids has educated them a diet that depends much on fast-food fares and junk food. In the most brazen or sublime manner, it has mesmerized the kids into believing that the only delicious and nutritious foods are those advertised on TV. Unfortunately, if there is anything that these items can boast of, it is the abundance of grease, salt, or sugar.

Leaving the kids in a sedentary state while living on junk food will certainly be disastrous to their health. They should be introduced to physical fitness before they catch diabetes or hypertension, diseases once thought as exclusive to adults. The process can be difficult though. They just cannot be dragged away from the TV or computer nor can you just keep their hands off from ice cream and burgers. Alternatives that are just as enjoyable should be presented to them.

Even without mentioning physical fitness, the kids will still actively participate in activities that they take pleasure. Games that will develop their endurance, strength, and flexibility are sure-fire ways to burn the cholesterol they have absorbed from junk food. Just running in the playground, swinging through the monkey bars, or ball games are enjoyable enough for kids that they would not mind doing it for a couple of hours. Taking them outdoors and letting them play with friends of the same ages will also develop their ability to relate with others.

For kids to be able to cope up with adult life, they have to prepare for it early. That definitely includes building up their defenses from ailments related to weight problems. If, in their young age, they are taught how important physical fitness is, they will grow up conscious of what they eat and what they do in order to keep themselves fit. They will turn out to be confident and healthy individuals when they grow up.