Exercises You Can Do Without Using a Gym

Gyms are the most popular place to work out and exercise because of everything they provide. They have locker rooms, weights, weight machines, cardio machines, sport courts, classes, and more making gyms a desirable place to workout. If you can afford a gym there is no problem joining one, they are a great place to work out and exercise. But if you can’t afford one or just don’t like going to a gym you have a wonderful variety of exercises you do at or from your own home.

The obvious exercise is running or jogging and you can leave right form your home or drive to a nearby trail. This would probably be more enjoyable then running on a treadmill at your local gym. You can even go your local high school and run or walk the stadium steps. Running is one of the more common exercises to do from home but don’t rule out cycling. Cycling is a great exercise and all it takes is a bike. Again, like running, it is more enjoyable out in the open with the wind in your face than sitting on a stationary machine in a gym.

Cardio is an easy area to work out without the use of a gym but muscle toning and building is possible as well. You can do pushups, pull ups, dips, ab workouts, chin ups, and different combinations of those exercises to get in some great muscle building and toning. The best method is to mix up the different types of pushups, pull ups, and dips. One week try standard pushups and the next try jack pushups, or jumping pushups. The key to success is always mixing it up so your muscles don’t become used to the same exercises. You can find a lot of variations of pushups, dips, and pull-ups online. If you want to tone up, try doing high reps as you can and adding in more sets. If you are trying to build muscle you can add weight to your body used a weight vest or weight belt.

If you want more results try mixing everything together. For example, you can do 15 pushups, go right into 5 pull ups, then 10 dips, and run in place for 1 minute then repeat 3-5 times. Try to make all your workouts last at least 45 minutes to an hour. Mixing up your exercises will bring you faster results and makes the workouts go by faster than a gym.