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Keeping Your Home Gym Fit

Now that you have your home gym all set up there is some maintenance you need to do to keep it in great operating condition. Provided that you use it weekly, you will want to do certain things to guarantee it operates smoothly and flawlessly for many workouts. Pay attention to the maintenance schedule that was provided when you purchased it. There are also other things you should do on a regular basis to various parts of the equipment.

One important thing to do to your home gym at least once per month is to grease all of the cables. You can use what is recommended by the manufacturer, or try some lithium grease which is available at many stores. Greasing the cables will keep them well lubricated so they do not break under stress. The last thing you want to happen when you have a lot of weight suspended on your home gym is for the cable to snap. Injury can occur when this happens.

After each workout you should thoroughly wipe down the surface of any stations on your home gym you were working out on. This will keep the vinyl surface in like new condition and prevent any types of mold or discoloration from ruining it. Also, by doing this you will remove the smell of sweat from the equipment which over time will become strong. Your workout partner will thank you if you do this little bit of maintenance after each exercise session.

One more important maintenance item to perform at least once per month is to double check that all nuts and bolts are securely tightened. With the constant motion of the pulleys and sliding of the weights, things will come loose over time. You can try to use locktight to help with this, but ultimately you will want to double check the bolts every once in a while. Similar to a cable breaking, you don’t want a bolt to work itself loose in the middle of your heavy set. The weight could come crashing down causing injury or stress to your body. It doesn’t take much time to insure this doesn’t happen.

Your home gym is not only a monetary investment, but it is an investment in your personal fitness. You should go to great lengths to keep it in great shape so that it is ready to work when you are. Plus you don’t want things to happen to you or your workout partner during your sets. Spend a little time caring for your machine and it will reward you with flawless performance.