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How To Build A $100 Home Gym That Delivers Results

So you want to save valuable time traveling to the gym by building your own

home gym. Do to the long hours worked, and strenuous commutes,

more and more people are opting to squeeze there workouts in by exercising

in the comfort of their own homes.

There are many advantages to creating your very own home gym. It is shown

that people who have home gym equipment in their homes tend to exercise

more often. Let’s also not forget about saving valuable time, and money on monthly

health club dues. It seems like all the new estates being built in Los Angeles plan

for a room to be used for their own, personal home gym.

The only drawbacks to owning a home gym are its overwhelming cost, and space

limitations. But wait, maybe not! Sure you can purchase individual station

machines, a treadmill, a bike, and dozens of free weights. However, is that

really needed to get outstanding results? Do you have to spend $10,000 plus to

get yourself a home gym that really delivers results? The answer is absolutely not!

Yes, you can treat yourself to state of the art equipment, but will you get better

results than a gym which costs less than $100? The answer is no!

Being an Exercise Physiologist in Beverly Hills, California, and author of

Home Gym Shopping Secrets, I have proved you can achieve outstanding results

using a home gym which costs less than $100. I see that proof each and every day while

consulting with motivated clients throughout Los Angeles, California.

What I see daily is people not having the space for many pieces of home gym

equipment, or not willing to make a big investment.

Listed below is one of many home gym solutions I mention in Home Gym

Shopping Secrets.

The $100 Home Gym Solution

Dave, an Oscar winning screenwriter whom I consult with, uses his $100 home gym

twice per week, and gets amazing results. As a matter of fact, he pays me much

more each week for my services than he did for his complete home gym. His strength and

endurance has tripled over the past year, all while losing 6% body fat. This has all been

accomplished using his $100, cost effective, space saving home gym. As a matter of fact, we exercise

outside, year round, in his driveway! His home gym is comprised of the following

equipment which I have listed below. If your goals and medical history are compatible with this

type of program, you too can do something similar. Please refer to Home Gym

Shopping Secrets and Wellness WORD Multimedia Newsletter for additional fitness

programming information.


1 Large Swiss Ball

Stretching Mat

Pair of 15 pound dumbells

Pair of 20 pound dumbells

1 Heavy Black Ther-A-Band

1 Resistance Band With Handles

10 Pound Medicine Ball

That is it; simple as that! Now what you do with all this equipment is specific to

your medical history, and personal, primary goals. For more information on individual

fitness programming, please visit Wellness Word Newsletter, and Home

Gym Shopping Secrets.

The program Dave uses is more of a core strengthening regimen using

various functional movements. We even have him doing in the neighborhood

of 250 pushups throughout his circuit training routine. Just remember, programs

are created on an individual basis, and are not so called canned as one routine fits all.

The two resources I have mentioned above will help you get started on creating the

your proper program.

So the next time you think you can’t afford a home gym, think again. YOU CAN!

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